Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Christmas Bucket List

Last year around this time, I remember being in tears because I was not enjoying the Christmas Season as I had planned and it was so stressful that I just wanted it over with.  This year must be different.  My children are young and I want them to have these wonderful memories about Christmas and not memories of me yelling at them to stop taking the ornaments or "balls" off the Christmas tree. 
Lately, I have been reading one of my favorite blogger's, Money Saving Mom, Ebook called Celebrating and Savoring a Simple Christmas In her book, she recommends creating a bucket list of things you want to do this time of year.  I thought this was a fabulous idea.  With only 12 days before Christmas, I decided to make my own bucket list of 12 things...

1. Make party mix to share with my neighbors and friends. 
2. Visit the Festival of Lights with the children. 
3.  Have a date night/shopping night with the hubby. 
4. Bake and decorate Christmas cookies with friends. 
5. Watch a Christmas movie with the boys. 
6.  Have a slumber party with the boys by the Christmas tree. 
7.  Take each of the children out to lunch and Christmas Shopping for each other. 
8. Read Christmas Books snuggled up by the fireplace.
9.  Make paper snowflakes with the children. 
10. Accomplish 1 of the Christmas Crafts off my Pinterest board.
11. Go through the toys with the children and choose which ones we are going to donate before Christmas. 
12.  Make handmade Christmas cards for Grandparents.  

What's on your "Bucket" list?  

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