Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Whatcha Eatin'?: Week of July 28th

A couple days late, but still wanted to share our menu.  I spent most of my day at the 4H Fair yesterday at my Thirty One booth, so I didn't get a chance to get this up.  Excited to try out the Pioneer Woman's Sour Cream Noodle Bake this week!  I am a fan of her recipes!  Enjoy your week!

Sunday:  Cheeseburger Soup, French Bread
Monday:  Crockpot Chicken Teriyaki Sandwiches, Veggies & Dip, Chips
Tuesday:  Chicken Enchiladas, Mixed Fruit
Wednesday:  Aisan Beef with Snow Peas over Rice, Dinner Rolls (Will share recipe this week)
Thursday:  Sour Cream Noodle Bake, Corn, Garlic Breadsticks 
Friday:  Frozen Pizza or Leftovers
Saturday:  My 15th Class Reunion...I'm bring a Taco Dip & Chips, and something sweet.

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Night Fun: Good Ole' Tractors

If you were to ask Big Brother what he would like to be when he grows up, he would most definitely say a farmer...or something close.  Both him and his little brother have quite the interest in tractors and farming.  When I saw a antique tractor show advertised in the newspaper last week, I knew we just had to check it out!  Therefore, our Saturday night consisted of tractors, tractors, and more tractors. 

The boys were thrilled with all the different makes and models.  This is the first FORD tractor that they've seen in person.  Blue tractors are hard to come by. 

 We like the red ones as well! 
 (Bro is "revving up" the tractor in this one!)

We even got lucky and found a pink one for Baby Sis....

However, our all-time favorite tractors are the GREEN ones!

We ended the evening at Dairy Queen with two of our favorite people...Grandpa and Grandma!

It was a pretty close to perfect Saturday night,  I love my little family!   

Double Fuel Points at Kroger

If you are a weekend grocery shopper like me, you'll love the benefits that it holds at Kroger.  DOUBLE FUEL POINTS!  This July, for every dollar that you spend at Kroger on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you will earn 2 fuel points towards money off gas at a Kroger Fuel Center. This is exciting for me because our Kroger in Morton just added the new fuel center.  Plus, I tend to shop at Kroger every week, so that equals a lot of savings for me!   Woot Woot! 

Last week, I filled up my tank of gas with savings of $9.60.  Instead of paying $3.44 for gas, I used my fuel points from the first two weeks of July to earn $.60 off per gallon and pumped my tank full at $2.84 per gallon.  



1. Sign up for Kroger Card and set up your account at Kroger.com.  Once you have done this, then you can download coupons to your card for extra savings in the store. 

2. Download the 2X fuel Points coupon to your card at Kroger.com/summerfuel.  It will be active immediately. 

3.  Then start shopping!  For every dollar that you spend at Kroger this weekend and next (program ends July 31st), you will earn 2 points.  Also, if you are a couponer like me, they will base your fuel points BEFORE your coupons are discounted. 

Note:  As a Bzz Agent, I was given $5 off my order to try out the new Summer Fuel program at Kroger. I do however shop at Kroger on a regular basis and felt that this program was incredible before this added benefit. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Whatcha Eatin'?: Monday, July 8th

I had a feverish baby girl wake me up way too early this morning, so I wasn't sure if I would be able to get a post up today or not.  Luckily, my sweet baby girl is still happy even when she is sick. 

We have a really busy week ahead of us, so I thought I'd try to use the crockpot as much as possible.  It is such and awesome feeling to come home to a meal all ready for us!  Here is our plan for the week...

Sunday:  Chop Suey Casserole, Dinner Salad
Monday:  Salisbury Steak, Mashed potatoes, Corn, Dinner Rolls
Tuesday:  Crockpot Philly Cheese Steaks on Hoagie Buns, Chips, Veggies & Dip
Wednesday: Crockpot Bacon Ranch Chicken, Dinner Salad
Thursday: Crockpot Salsa Chicken on tortillas, Rice, Mixed Fruit
Friday:  Homemade Pizza, Carrots & Dip
Saturday:  Date night??? or Grillin' out

I'd love to know what you are having!  Leave me a comment or join me on Organizing Junkie's blog

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Our 4th of July Feast...Kroger Fried Chicken!

We have been celebrating the 4th of July quite a bit this week. We watched Fireworks on Sunday at my brother's house.  Wednesday we went to my in-laws for a cookout and watched fireworks.  Both nights were a lot of fun, but our kids were up to 10:00 both nights.   So when the actual day arrived, we just wanted to stay home and relax.  I didn't want to cook, but we didn't want to spend a lot of money eating out.  Then, I remembered this fabulous Bzz Kit that I had received with coupons for FREE Fried Chicken, chips, and soda from Kroger.  SCORE!   I quickly made a call to Kroger to place an order for my chicken.  Typically, if you go into Kroger they always have an eight piece chicken ready for purchase in the deli.  I knew that everyone else would be having picnics and I wanted to be sure that they would have some left!  When I got there at 5:30 to pick it up, it was hot and ready for me!  I also used my other coupons to pick up more freebies.  Here is my haul...
My children were all smiles when I arrived with all there favorites: Sprite, Fried Chicken & Barbecue Chips!  We dug right into the fried chicken...
Each 8 piece comes with 2 breasts, 2 legs,  2 thighs, and 2 wings.  Wasn't sure how long this would last with my big eaters, but my boys each had a leg, and then I split a chicken breast between the two of them.  The Chicken Breasts were huge! (if you are like me, you might chuckle a bit).  But seriously, they were.  I took a thigh and shared some of it with baby sis.  Dad grabbed a breast and a thigh.  In the end, we only had 2 wings left.  The chicken was delicious!  It was crispy and greasy...just like fried chicken should be! 
With a little help from Kroger, we were able to throw together a great meal for our 4th of July.  In addition to the freebies that I received in my Bzz Kit. I purchased Kroger Southern Style potato salad, made a ranch dip for Kroger carrots and we were set.  EASY and yummy! 
I even the surprised the kids with some yummy 4th of July cupcakes from the Kroger bakery.

Overall, it was a great meal and very easy on the pocketbook!  The fried chicken was on sale for $4.99, but regular price was $7.99.  The chips were $2.00 and the Sprite was $1.00.  As a Bzz Agent, I was given them for all FREE, but these were great prices!  I picked up a few extras like the potato salad ($3.99) and the cupcakes ($1.99 for six).  This is definitely a great dinner option for us!  We will buy Kroger Fried Chicken again.  It was delicious, affordable and super easy on mom!

Note: I received this sample as a Bzz Agent in hopes that I would share my honest opinion of this product, no compensation was received. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Try-Somethin'-New-Tuesday: Kroger Frozen Treats


  There is so much to love about summer...the warm weather, flip flops, sunshine and my favorite...Ice Cream!  Too bad this Summer I've chosen to get healthier and lose some weight.  Ice Cream can make that a bit hard.  Thankfully, Bzz Agent and Kroger introduced me to some awesome new treats that are somewhat healthy and a lot less calories.  I really couldn't pass up this opportunity and quickly went out and used my Free coupon for Kroger brand Yogurt smoothie bars in the Strawberry Banana flavor.

Let me tell you, these were delightful! They were super tasty and even had chunks of real fruit in them! My children love yogurt, so these were great treats for them.  No guilt here!

They are even delicious on the go, or at least baby sis thinks so!  However, they can be quite messy, especially with a 2 year old! 

 After trying the yogurt bars, I went out and bought a box of the low fat fudge bars.  I am an addict to chocolate and these looked delicious. 

The kids loved them!  We enjoyed them as a great way to cool down from some hot weather!


The fudge bars were super messy and melted quickly, but they were yummy!  I love being able to indulge without feeling like I am going to gain 5 lbs from one treat.  I also don't feel guilty sharing with my children.  We keep on buying more and eating more. We're all smiles, chocolatey smiles that is!

Get to Kroger and getcha' some!

Note: I received this sample in the hopes that I would share my honest opinion of this product, no compensation was received.