Saturday, September 21, 2013

Friday Family Fun Night...Fall Wiener Roast!

The first official day of fall is Sunday and we were celebrating the perfect weather with a little wiener roast last night.  My hunky hubby made a little "firepit" in our backyard earlier this summer, and the kids have been begging to make a fire in it for awhile now. 

 We are hoping to create a real firepit someday, but for now this works!  

 Big Bro chowed down THREE hotdogs!

 Baby Sis was thrilled to be eating by the fire!

 Little Bro was all smiles! 

The kiddos LOVED roasting and eating hot dogs.  We will definitely be doing this again...probably at least once a weekend if the kids get their way.

However, I must admit, my favorite part of it was a bit later when it was just the two of us around the fire while the kiddos slept peacefully.  Just perfect. 

What family fun are you doing this weekend? 

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