Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Great Purge of 2015: Getting Started

One of my goals for 2015 is to get rid of 2015 things from my life.  I would like you to join me!  Ready to Purge?  Here are few simple guidelines that you should consider following to help you be successful. 

1. Write down your Why? What is your reason for purging?  Are you getting ready to sell your house?  Are you wanting to be able to have people over? Are you wanting to make money off your items to pay off debt?  Are you wanting to simplify your life and have less stress? Whatever reason you have for getting rid of items in your house...Write it down.  Put it on your fridge or nightstand, so you can see your goal on daily basis. 

2. Get inspired!  Find online articles that inspire you and read them to get you motivated. One of my favorite blogs, www.becomingminimalist.com, is very encouraging and I visit it frequently to keep me going on this purging journey.  Read or listen to books on decluttering.  Some of my favorites include:

3. Find a buddy!  Having someone to join you in the journey is important.  They can help motivate you and hold you accountable.  Luckily, this year, my husband has shown an interest in decluttering, so we started keeping track of our items on our calendar together.  It is really cute to see him write down every time he gets rid of an item.  So far together, we have purged 241 items that we no longer need or want.  If you don't have a physical someone, join a facebook group!  Just search Declutter and several will pop up. 

4.  Make a plan!  How will you declutter?  How often?  I will be setting aside each Tuesday to declutter for the entire day, but work on decluttering 15-30 mins daily, more if I have the time. 

5. Get Started! Start with items that don't hold a lot of sentimental value.  Good areas to start the purge would be with clothing, shoes, books, toys, and paper.  Wait to purge items from your childhood or family mementos until you have purged every other possible spot in your house. These items will be harder to get rid of. 

6.  Ask yourself these simple questions when purging:
  • Does this item spark joy?  If it does, keep it!  If not, get rid of it!  You should want to fill you home with things you love!
  • Is this item useful?  If you ACTUALLY use it, keep it! If not, TOSS!   Of course, if you have multiples of the same item, get rid of the extras! 
7.  Make a plan for your discarded items, and get rid of them fast!  Do NOT let them sit in your basement where you can take them back out!

8.  Sit back and enjoy your decluttered home! Then, share your victories with me! 

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