Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween is Overrated...

Well, this year for Halloween the boys wanted to be farmers.  I pictured cute little boys in overalls and straw hats. So...I spent an entire week searching Ebay and the local Goodwill stores for inexpensive overalls.  I even checked our Farm N Fleet and Big R for overalls and contemplated spending $25 on them.  Then, I happen to find one pair of 3T overalls for Little Bro for $2 at a consignment shop.  I went home tried them on Little Bro and he threw a major fit and screamed to have them off.   So I decided to skip the overall idea and just go for flannels, blue jeans, straw hats, and worker boots.  I bought a couple of "flannel looking" shirts at Goodwill for $2.50 each (I wouldn't have paid more than a quarter for them at a garage sale.), borrowed some straw hats from my mother, purchased a pair of worker boots for Big Brother at Payless, and we were set to trick or treat.  Halloween night I struggle getting the boys dressed in their outfits all while Baby Sis is screaming to get the itchy, uncomfortable little lamb costume (that I purchased used from ebay, but still paid $15 for) off her little body.  I throw the kids in the car and we visit Grandma & Grandpa down the road.  We then head back to our house to trick or treat in our neighborhood.  We go next door and our great neighbor gives the boys full size packs of Starburst.  On the way to the next house Big Brother says "I'm done, Mom.  Can we go home?"  So we "made" them go to the neighbors on the side of us, then we headed home with a handful of candy.  Lesson learned:  Halloween is overrated. One piece of Candy and they were happy.   At least I got a few pictures...

All Three of my Sweethearts

Our Sweet Little Lamb 

Our Little Farmers and their Big Tractor

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