Monday, November 14, 2011

I've been hiding in my basement...

Okay, so maybe not hiding, but I have been super busy going through our "junk" in our basement.  Do you remember what my basement looked like in August?  Here, let me refresh your memory...

Well, I am happy to present...Ta Da!  Our uncluttered, almost clean, stress-free basement...

Big Brother is very happy to show it off...can ya tell? 

So we had to hang on to a little junk, but I did manage to get rid of 14 boxes/totes of stuff. 

Now, I can relax and start enjoying some other things, like blogging, stalking on facebook, and Christmas shopping!  (okay, so I don't really stalk on facebook, but I need to catch up on my friends' profiles).  However, I am in the organizing mood, so who knows what I will tackle next.  What project are you working on? 

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