Friday, January 13, 2012

Not Snow Much Fun!

There's nothing like the first official snow of winter.    Usually, I love watching it snow and pile up, but for some reason this year's first snow is just plain rotten.  I am going to blame it on all the beautiful springlike weather we have been having lately.  No matter how awful I thought it was, the boys, especially Big Brother, were thrilled to wake up and see the fluffy, white snow on the ground.  Immediately, they asked to go outside and play.  From the excitement in their voices, I knew that they wouldn't be taking no for an answer.  So after 30 minutes of pulling on snowpants, finding matching mittens, and lacing up boots, we were ready. 

Big Brother was still super excited! 

Little Bro, not so much!  You can't see the tears running down his face in this pic or hear his wailing.  It was evident...he did NOT like the cold wind or snow!

They only lasted literally ten minutes before coming in for some hot chocolate. 
Little Bro was much happier.

Sweet Baby Sis was fast asleep in her carseat the whole time. 

(We had gone to my parents house to play in the snow because they left for Florida today. I am just a tiny bit JEALOUS!)

Did you venture out in the snow yesterday?  I am secretly hoping that it melts soon so I don't have to make another trip out there to build a snowman or snow fort.  BRRR!  I can't handle the cold! 

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