Sunday, January 8, 2012


I have gotten many questions lately about the Baby Weight Loss Challenge that I was participating in.  Well...the results are in.  While I wasn't the "biggest" loser, I am still a LOSER!  I lost 25.5 lbs. and slimmed down 16 inches!  I will admit, that I am sure that I could have done better.   Unfortunately, I let myself have a few too many treats at the many Christmas parties that I attended.  However, I am very happy with my weightloss and plan to continue in 2012!   I am also very excited for my workout partner, the "other" Jodi, who won the challenge and 3 FREE months of training!  Here is the clip from WHOI's Good Company show

For those of you looking for a place to get started, I would HIGHLY recommend Training Domain to help you reach your weightloss goals!  Marnie is tough, but I would consider it a "tough love".  She really wants to help you reach your goals and she will keep you accountable.  Right now they have a new challenge and chance to win free training!   Learn more about the Get Fit Team Challenge and start your new year off right.  (If you do decide to join the challenge, tell Marnie or Mark that I sent ya!)

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