Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Try-Something-New-Tuesday: Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out a new product from Garnier Fructis for free as a Bzz Agent.  This particular product, the Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil can be used on your hair, body or face.  I actually decided to try it on all three!  Let me tell you how it worked out for me...

First of the, Miracle Dry Oil is a combination of Olive, Avacodo, and Shea oils.  It comes in this handy little spray bottle which is great.   No worries about my little children dumping it all over the floor. 

I have extremely dry hair and skin.  My hair is dried out from the mousse that I pile onto my hair on a daily basis to combat the frizz that I get with natural curly hair.  There are many times where I will look at my hair and think it looks so damaged. At first, I decided that I would spray the oil on after I have all my styling aides in my hair.  I was a little shocked.  It actually made my hair curlier. Instead of my loose, frizzier hair, I had tight little ringlets.  I wasn't used to this and not quite sure I liked the tight curls.  So the next day I decided that I would try it on my hair when it was dry.  I really like it better this way.  It added a great shine to my hair and made it look healthier. 

After finding some success on my hair, I decided to try the Miracle Dry Oil on my skin and face.  At first, I was not a fan.  It took a while for the "oily" look to go away.  However, after a 45 minutes or so, the oil had fully absorbed into my skin and left it looking silky smooth and healthy.  Since my skin is extremely dry and cracked, it took several applications until I could see a huge difference in my skin.  I also tried it on my face, but did not like the way it made my skin feel.  This would be a product that I would use before I went to bed so the "oily" look would be gone.

I was given the opportunity to try this for free as a Bzz Agent.  My opinions are honest and true without compensation.

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