Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Try Something New Tuesday: Kroger Yogurt Review

 I am on my way to a healthier me!  The last couple of weeks I have really focused on eating healthier and exercising.  One change I have made in my diet is the switch from a high carb diet to a high protein diet.  Bzz Agent made this easy for my by offering me the chance to try out the New Kroger Greek, Greek Lite and Carbmaster yogurts.  I was sent a Kroger gift card to purchase my choice of yogurt.  As an added bonus, they also included coupons to give out to friends and family.  (I have a few left, so hit me up for them!)

First I tried the Greek Yogurt in the Strawberry flavor. 

One thing that I noticed right away on the carton was that it was sweetened with STEVIA!  This made me really happy to see that they used a safe, natural sweetener. It also contained 14 grams of protein and 130 calories.  I loved the taste of this, but not sure I liked wasting 130 calories on it.  
The Greek yogurt had a great smooth texture and tasted yummy!  I didn't really notice the big tangy taste that usually comes with Greek yogurt so that was a plus.  

A few days later, I was craving something sweet and remembered the Black Forest Cake Carbmaster yogurt in the fridge.  

This one was super yummy!  I was a bit bummed though when I saw that it was sweetened with an artificial sweetener.  However, it was only 60 calories, 4 carbs and 9 grams of protein.  

This particular yogurt was chunkier with bits of chocolate and cherries in it.  Overall it was tasty and I would consider purchasing it again.  

The last yogurt I tried out was the Greek Lite in the Peach Flavor.  

I liked that this was a Greek Yogurt with only 90 calories, but again it was sweetened with artificial sweeteners.  It contained 16 grams of protein which was awesome!  What a great and easy way to get protein in.  This particular flavor, however, was not a hit with me.  It reminded of sour cream...a peach flavored sour cream.  Yuck!

However, Baby Sis loved it!  While she slurped it down, I settled for the Greek Lite in the Strawberry flavor and was much more satisfied! 
And don't you love her hair?  Just woke up! :-) 

Overall, I was happy with Kroger Yogurt.  I am happy that this company is stepping up and making products that fit the healthy eating trends.  I know that it isn't quite possible yet to have a natural sweetner and also fewer calories, but I hope I see Stevia in more products by Kroger.

As always, my opinions are honest and truly my own.  I was not compensated, but I was given Free products to try. Thanks to Kroger and Bzz Agent!

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