Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Smartfood Selects Review


It always makes me laugh when a company claims that its product was made with "real" ingredients.  It makes me wonder, what would a "fake" ingredient taste like.  I must admit though, when I do see the labels stating "All-Natural" or "Real", I am way more likely to purchase that item.  As a mother of young children, I like to think that I am making good choices when it comes to the foods that I feed them.  Recently, I had the opportunity to munch on a new product line called SMARTFOOD® Selects snacks. All of these product are made with real herbs and spices.  As a Bzz Agent, I was sent a great package filled with these goodies...

I was sent two snack size bags of the Hummus Popped chips in the Feta Herb and the Garlic Tomato Basil and one full size bag of the Buffalo Cheddar Popcorn.  The flavors were intriguing, so I immediately opened the Feta Herb.

These did not last long!  I loved the thin, crisp chips.  The flavor was unique and pleasant.  I liked the fact that they entire bag was only 110 calories.  This made a great snack.  I meant to share it with the kids, but they were too darn good. Can you can see the little flecks of herbs and spices that make these taste so great?

I thought that I better not polish off the other bag of popped chips by myself, so we took them along for a snack at Grandma's house.

Little Bro definitely wanted in on these.  Like the Feta Herb, the Garlic Tomato Basil was a hit!  I only got a few bites in before they were gone.  While I liked the taste, I preferred the Feta Herb.  It was  little less "herby". Does that make sense?  Little Bro gave them a thumbs up. 

We really liked the first two so much, I just assumed the Buffalo Cheddar Popcorn would be tasty.  Thank Goodness I was the first one to try them out.  WOWSERS!  These things were Hot!  After a few bites, I was running for some water. I was NOT a fan of these...

What I was a fan of was the cool resealable bag.  It had a ziploc like closure that would be great if I had liked them and wanted to keep them fresh.   I also might be a fan of some of the other flavors:  Cinnamon Brown Sugar and Parmesan Herb.

Overall, we loved the popped chips, but would pass on the popcorn.  I actually did pass the popcorn on and found someone who absolutely loved the SPICY Cayenne Pepper taste.  You can find these at your local Kroger or Walmart.  I'd encourage you to check them out! 

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