Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gear up for the Super Bowl with Private Selection

The holidays are over, but the entertaining doesn't have to stop because the Super Bowl is just around the corner!  This holiday season I had the opportunity to try out some great artisan-inspired snacks from Private Selection.  As a Bzz Agent, I received an awesome bzz kit filled with great items and coupons from Private Selection.  This included a box of Water Crackers, and a bag of Costa Rican Tarrazu Coffee and three coupons for the following items:  Private Selection Gourmet Cheese, Private Selection Pasta Sauce, and Private Selection Olives. In addition, there were several coupons to share with others for 20% off.    We were pretty excited to try out the Private Selection snacks.  We immediately used our free coupons to purchase the Garlic & Herb Gourmet Cheese and the Marinara Pasta Sauce.    

We had two opportunities to try out the Marinara sauce.  One night we enjoyed it as a dipping sauce crescent pizza roll ups.  

It was delicious.  We enjoyed the thickness of this sauce rather than a thin, runny sauce.  It seemed to have the perfect blend of herbs and spices. 

 A couple nights later we mixed it with a pound of ground beef to make a yummy sauce for tortellini.  My children loved it!  We did not have any leftovers.  I only wish they had a couple other options for Private Selection pasta sauce at my Kroger. There were only three flavors to choose from. 

A couple of weeks later we were able to bring the gourmet cheese and crackers to our family Christmas Eve along with the bag of coffee for our hostess.  We chose the Garlic & Herb cheese to eat with the water crackers.  First of, the water crackers were a hit.  The were light and crisp and easy to eat a lot of.  Many people started taking them to dip into other cheese spreads that were brought to the celebration.  Quite a few people tried out the cheese, and it was either they loved it or hated it.  I think it was a flavor that they had to get used to.  I personally liked the cheese.  It was definitely different than my all time favorite and traditional co-jack cheese.  It's not a cheese that I would purchase frequently, but it would be a great addition to a cheese platter for a Superbowl party! Also, it had a great resealable bag so the cheese will stay fresh longer.  

If you get a chance to check out the Private Selection line at Kroger, I highly recommend it!  

Note:  I was able to try these items for free as a Bzz Agent.  My opinion is truly my own and I was not paid to write this post.

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