Thursday, August 9, 2012

Family Night with Kroger

This is no secret...I love Kroger.  I have been shopping for groceries from Kroger since I was married seven years ago.  One thing I have noticed is that the Kroger brand is almost always as tasty as the name brand products. Therefore, I was really excited to have the opportunity to try out some new Kroger brand products for being a Bzz Agent!  I was also super excited to have our first official family night!

As a Bzz Agent, I was sent this awesome kit filled with great information about four fabulous new products that I would be reviewing.  It also included a full size sample of the product or a coupon to purchase the full size product for free.  Talk about awesome!!!

This arrived...and then I bought these with my coupons...

With our little children, I knew that our family night may not turn out the way I had planned it, but I knew that we would have fun.  
We started our family night out with a little appetizer....Layered Taco Dip!  This is one of my favorite taco dips that my sister-in-law shared with me.  Usually I would buy the Tostitos Scoops chips, but we were able to use the Kroger brand Cupz for our dip.  The chips do not taste a bit different from the name brand and they were perfect for scooping up the delicious dip. 

 While we munched on the dip, I cooked the pizza in the oven.  As A Frozen Pizza Kind of Mommy, I was completely excited to try out the new Truly Awesome Pizza with a Multi-Grain Crust!  I usually serve frozen pizza to my lovely family once a week. We all love pizza and love trying new brands.  We have purchased the self-rising crust Kroger brand pizza and love it, so we had high hopes for this.  Maybe I overcooked it, but we were not thrilled with the taste.  The crust was a bit too dry and grainy.  The cheese, although "real cheese, it tasted a bit funky.  We must be used to the "fake" stuff.  We think that we will stick to the self-rising Kroger pizza for now on. 
However, the other Kroger products did not disappoint!  The Zero Calorie Vitamin Water was tasty!  The boys enjoyed it so much, that I was only able to get a couple of swigs before it was gone.  We followed up our dinner with a REAL Fruit Bar outside in the heat. I even let Baby Sis enjoy her very first official sweet treat.  I love the fact that these bars are truly real fruit. They were delicious!
Boy, am I glad that we were outside!  Although the strawberry fruit bars were delicious, they were messy and melted very quickly.  So instead of going inside to play puzzles with the kids, we decide to switch things up a bit and let the kids get cleaned up in the sprinkler,  What a perfect way to end the almost perfect night!  

We can't wait to enjoy another family night and I am sure we will have plenty of Kroger Brand products there! 

Note:  I was given the products in this post to try for free for being a Bzz Agent.  All opinions are truly my own and no compensation was given. 

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