Thursday, August 2, 2012

No More Torture!

A little peak into my closet will reveal two things about me...

1.  I do not have a lot of clothes. My children come first.  I would much rather spend money on their clothes than on myself. 

2.  I love to wear black.  Black is slimming, right? 

Therefore, I was thrilled to be able to sample Woolite Extra Dark Care through CrowdTap.  I have seen the advertisements showing the jeans getting tortured.  I completely understand because I have several pairs of jeans that are far from the condition that I bought them in.  I also have several "tortured", faded black shirts.  Woolite Extra Care Dark is formulated to keep your dark clothes and jeans looking new. This made me very excited to try out because just recently I purchased a new black t-shirt.  I also have a favorite pair of capris that I purchased at the beginning of the summer that I would like to keep looking new.  I was ready to take the Woolite Extra Care Dark Challenge.

My favorite items before washing them in Woolite:

This was the first time washing my black shirt, so I was a little skeptical.  I was very happy that Woolite Extra Care Dark would work in my HE Washer and also in cold water.  I can't have anything shrinking!  I washed them exactly as I would have, but used Woolite. I was pleasantly surprised to find my clothes came out exactly as I had put them in, minus the wrinkles.   NO SHRINKING!  NO FADING!

I am sold!  By continuing to use Woolite Extra Care Dark, I am hoping to continue to save my new black shirt from fading and looking old and keep my capris from lightening up.

Want to try Woolite Extra Care Dark for yourself?  Like Woolite on Facebook and request a sample!  

Note:  I was given a free sample through CrowdTap.  I was also given samples to share with friends and family.  These are my honest opinions and I was not paid for them. 

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