Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shick Hydro Silk Razor Review

Spring is right around the corner, or at least I hope it is!  I am looking forward to flip flops and warm weather.  With the warm weather, comes shorts and capris.  I will admit, that is one nice thing about winter...I don't have to shave my legs because they are always hidden.  However, Shick is making shaving a bit easier with it's new Shick Hydro Razor.  As a Bzz Agent,  I was given the chance to try it out and took it with me when we went on our trip to Florida in February. Yes, I actually had to shave me legs! 

I received a full size Shick Hyrdo Silk razor with an extra cartridge included with it, as well as, a few coupons to hand out.

The razor has a nice curved handle that makes it easy to use.  The head of the razor has 5 blades and this really cool moisturizing serum that gives your legs a silky smooth finish...therefore, it is the "Hydro Silk"  razor.  The 5 blades help to give a super close shave that lasts longer than a few days. 

If you look closely at the top and bottom of the blades you will see a bunch of white "dots".  This is the moisturizing serum that is activated when wet.  You can feel the silkiness by rubbing your finger over it. It truly helps to make you legs feel super smooth.  I was really excited to use it in Florida when I had to show off my legs on the beach.  I really liked the razor, but there is just one issue I had with it.  It doesn't last very long!   By the third time I used it, the silky serum was gone and the blades seem to be a bit "rough".  It does come with an extra cartridge which is handy, but if you shave more than once or twice a week you will be racking up some serious dough in this razor by changing out the cartridges so frequently.  However, if you run across a great deal on it, I suggest trying it out for yourself!

Note: I  received a Free Shick Hydro Silk razor as a Bzz Agent.  All opinions are truly my own and I was not compensated. 

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