Monday, May 6, 2013

Clutter Busting Challenge: Day #4...NINE ITEMS!

Every week day in May, Crystal from Money Saving Mom is challenging her readers to find 7 items to eliminate from their house.  In an effort to clear out the clutter from our home, I am joining in.  How about you?

Wow, I must admit, I already failed a little because I skipped Thursday and Friday of last week.  I had a good reason little brother got married!  We had the rehearsal dinner Thursday and then the wedding on Friday, so I took a break from the challenge and will do a double duty a couple days this week to make up for it.

Today, I spent a good ten minutes collecting all the stuffed animals that my daughter drags around the house and decided that we really had too many.  Really, she only likes her "babies" which are the teddy bears.  One in particular I could not get rid of...she takes it with her EVERYWHERE.

I also couldn't get rid of the Original Care Bears that I had as little girl...

 but, Here is what I did get  rid of today...

Woo hoo!

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