Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Try-Something-New-Tuesday: Green Giant Veggie Chips Review

My kids love to snack.  I am pretty sure they learned that from their momma.  Recently a big box of Green Giant Veggie Snack chips showed up on my doorstep from Bzz Agent.   My kids were thrilled!

As a Bzz Agent, I was able to try the two new flavors of Veggie Chips:  Sweet Potato and Zesty Cheddar.  The Sweet Potato chips were a hit with my kids because they came in their own individual bags.  What kid doesn't love his/her OWN bag of chips?

 Actually, there is a lot more to love...like the REAL sweet potato flavor, 14 grams of WHOLE grain, and 40% less fat than a regular potato chip. My children enjoyed the flavor and I enjoyed the freedom from the guilt that I usually have when I let them have "chips" for a snack.

The chips were salty and crunchy...just the way I like them!  And at least they are healthier than some of my snack choices.   

While we enjoyed the Sweet Potato chips, the Zesty Cheddar Roasted Veggie Tortilla Chips were incredible!  My hubby and I both agreed that we could substitute these for our beloved Doritos. In fact, I have bought 2 bags since.  

While they have a different taste, they still have the similar cheesy taste we enjoy.  In fact, these chips are so much better because they are made with broccoli, carrots and tomato..can you believe that?  Talk about tricking my kiddos!  They loved them!  It also helps that they are made with whole grains.  Finally a healthier snack that tastes so good! 

 If see these in your local Kroger store, pick one up and try them out for yourself!  Or better yet, ask me for a coupon...I have a couple left to share! 

Note: Although I was given these products to test for free, my opinion is completely honest and true. 

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