Saturday, July 20, 2013

Double Fuel Points at Kroger

If you are a weekend grocery shopper like me, you'll love the benefits that it holds at Kroger.  DOUBLE FUEL POINTS!  This July, for every dollar that you spend at Kroger on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you will earn 2 fuel points towards money off gas at a Kroger Fuel Center. This is exciting for me because our Kroger in Morton just added the new fuel center.  Plus, I tend to shop at Kroger every week, so that equals a lot of savings for me!   Woot Woot! 

Last week, I filled up my tank of gas with savings of $9.60.  Instead of paying $3.44 for gas, I used my fuel points from the first two weeks of July to earn $.60 off per gallon and pumped my tank full at $2.84 per gallon.  



1. Sign up for Kroger Card and set up your account at  Once you have done this, then you can download coupons to your card for extra savings in the store. 

2. Download the 2X fuel Points coupon to your card at  It will be active immediately. 

3.  Then start shopping!  For every dollar that you spend at Kroger this weekend and next (program ends July 31st), you will earn 2 points.  Also, if you are a couponer like me, they will base your fuel points BEFORE your coupons are discounted. 

Note:  As a Bzz Agent, I was given $5 off my order to try out the new Summer Fuel program at Kroger. I do however shop at Kroger on a regular basis and felt that this program was incredible before this added benefit. 

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