Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Try-Somethin'-New-Tuesday: Kroger Frozen Treats


  There is so much to love about summer...the warm weather, flip flops, sunshine and my favorite...Ice Cream!  Too bad this Summer I've chosen to get healthier and lose some weight.  Ice Cream can make that a bit hard.  Thankfully, Bzz Agent and Kroger introduced me to some awesome new treats that are somewhat healthy and a lot less calories.  I really couldn't pass up this opportunity and quickly went out and used my Free coupon for Kroger brand Yogurt smoothie bars in the Strawberry Banana flavor.

Let me tell you, these were delightful! They were super tasty and even had chunks of real fruit in them! My children love yogurt, so these were great treats for them.  No guilt here!

They are even delicious on the go, or at least baby sis thinks so!  However, they can be quite messy, especially with a 2 year old! 

 After trying the yogurt bars, I went out and bought a box of the low fat fudge bars.  I am an addict to chocolate and these looked delicious. 

The kids loved them!  We enjoyed them as a great way to cool down from some hot weather!


The fudge bars were super messy and melted quickly, but they were yummy!  I love being able to indulge without feeling like I am going to gain 5 lbs from one treat.  I also don't feel guilty sharing with my children.  We keep on buying more and eating more. We're all smiles, chocolatey smiles that is!

Get to Kroger and getcha' some!

Note: I received this sample in the hopes that I would share my honest opinion of this product, no compensation was received.

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