Thursday, February 16, 2012

Comforts For Baby Products Review

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you that I received my Bzz Kit filled with great baby products from Kroger called the Comforts for Baby.  I wanted to give it a couple of weeks to give you my complete honest opinion.

First, I was able to try diapers, which they generously gave me a BIG box of 92 diapers! I had tried Comforts diapers before and was disappointed by the stiffness of the diapers, so I was pleasantly surprised to open the box and find much softer diapers  In fact, the new diapers are quite cute with little bumblebees on them.  Here is sweet Baby Sis in them.  
We really liked the Comforts diapers!   Here is what we thought about them: 
  • They are WAY cheaper than the competition.  Usually, you can buy a jumbo package of size 3 Huggies or Pampers diapers or $8.99.  The same size of package of Comforts baby diapers was only $5.30 at my local Kroger with more diapers per package.  However, if purchasing these, it would be wiser to purchase the BIG box of 92 diapers for $13.99. 
  • They have a stretchy waist band which is nice. 
  • The newer version of Comforts for Baby diapers are softer and I love the cute little prints.  
  • They did a great job of keeping Baby Sis dry...during the DAY. 
There was only one problem we had with them: NIGHTTIME.  I am not sure if Baby Sis sleeps longer than most babies, but one issue we had with the Comforts is the fact that she leaked through almost every night that she wore them.  She sleeps between 10-12 hours straight and has a six ounce bottle before she goes down for the night.  Not sure if this is typical for a baby at this age, but we don't remember having this problem with Huggies.

Next, we were able to try the wipes.  We loved them!  We are not picky with wipes, but I have noticed that I do not like the Pampers because they are almost too soft and slick.  I am always worried when I wipe that I get poo on my hand.  :-)  I find the Comforts comparable with other store brands and similar to Huggies which are were my favorite.  However, Huggies cost quite a bit more!  Therefore, we will stick with Comforts and save some money.  After all, we go through a package a wipes in about a day in this household! 

Finally, we were able to try out the Spill Proof Sippy cup.  Little Bro was able to try this out, and believe me, there really is no such thing as "Spill Proof" with him.   However, the sippy cup was great!  He loved the little flip top cap. We are excited to use these again when Baby Sis is old enough!

Overall, I was impressed with the Quality and Price of Comforts for Baby Products. I love shopping at Kroger for groceries and now I can get all of my baby products there as well.  That makes a busy mommy very happy!  Thanks Bzz Agent and Kroger for this fabulous opportunity! 

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