Friday, February 24, 2012

Kid Craft: S is for Snowman!

Today we woke up to something that we have not seen much of this winter:  Snow! Yes, for about ten minutes it snowed quite hard and then turned into light flurries.  The boys and their cousins (I was babysitting my sweet niece and darling nephew) were really excited to see the snow and immediately asked if they were going to be able to go outside and play.  Unfortunately, they were quite disappointed when I told them no.  However, that gave me an idea.  We could just make a snowman inside today!

Last week when I was assigned to teach the letter "S" to Big Brother's preschool class, I had found this great snowman craft to do.  Big Bro finished & brought a snowman home last week. Since Little Bro and my Sweet Niece hadn't, well then, they could make one today!  After all, I had all the material on hand.  We did have to wait till the two youngest children were taking naps.  The kids really enjoyed this craft, so I thought I'd share.

Materials you will need:

(Love Little Bro's face in this one...he was screaming "CHEEEEEESE!" Yes,his shirt is about ten sizes too big for him, but it's a "work" shirt like Daddy's and he had to wear it. Gotta pick your battles!)
  • Blue Construction Paper
  • Cotton Balls
  • Pip Cleaners, sticks, or anything that would work for the Snowman's arms
  • Googly Eyes
  • Black Felt, Orange Felt, and whatever color you would like for the Snowman's scarf & mittens 
  • Buttons, Little Puffs, or anything that could work on the Snowman for buttons
  • Glue, Scissors 
  • And of course, several eager children  

Make your snowman by drawing circles using glue and then covering the glue with cotton balls.

 Then, adorn it with a hat, gloves, scarf, arms, eyes, nose, mouth and buttons. 

(Could my niece be any cuter?)

Finally, hang up your snowman for a cute winter decoration! 

***NOTE: Here is the original link to the craft and specific details.   I cannot take credit for this adorable little snowman.  


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