Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution Product Review


I was born with curly hair...very fine, very curly hair.  Up until junior high, my mother would brush my curls into a huge frizz ball.  Finally, in junior high I was introduced to styling products by a friend.  Thank goodness!  I have been using mousse on my hair for the past 20 years.  Although it tames the majority of my frizz, I still feel like my hair looks damaged and dried out.  When the opportunity came to try out a new Frizz Ease product for being a Bzz Agent, I jumped on it!  You can imagine my excitement when a full size bottle arrived in the mail for me to try out!

Before I share with you the results, let's take a look at my hair without ANY type of styling product....are you ready for this?


Okay, so now you have seen me at my worst.  I am happy to announce that I do not have to look like this anymore.  I tried Frizz-Ease Sheer Solution Light Weight Frizz Control for a week or so before I ran out of it.  I will admit I was a bit skeptical, so I didn't get rid of my mousse altogether.  I used a little bit of mouse and then took 15-20 drops of the serum and combed it through my hair with my fingers.  I then scrunched my hair up like I usually did.  As my hair started to dry, I started noticing how defined my curls were.  I also noticed how healthy and shiny my hair looked.  My sister, who is a cosmetologist, also noticed how great my hair looked.  I didn't really know how much I loved this stuff until I ran out of it!  That is when I really noticed the difference.  Without the Frizz Ease and only mousse, I still had less frizzy hair, but it looked more dried out and damaged.  After a day without Frizz Ease, I went out and bought a bottle!  Take a look at my fabulous results...

Much better!  Can you see the shine? (no I am not talking about my face!)

I was very pleasantly surprised with this product.  It made my curls look great with very little effort.  The only reservation that I have is that it doesn't last very long.   I purchased it for $9.99 at CVS and used this $3 off coupon.  Unfortunately, with my long curly hair, I go through a bottle a week.  A little pricey for me...so I have decided to keep purchasing the product, but only use it for special occasions: date nights, girls' night out, Thirty One parties, weddings, reunions, etc. 

The great thing about this product is that is made of ALL hair types.  Many of us fight frizz and fly-a-ways whether our hair is straight or curly.  In fact, I was given several samples to give away and over half of my friends who snatched them up had straight or straightened hair! 

Want to try it out?  Print this great coupon and head to the store!

Note: As a Bzz Agent, I was given this product for free.  However, I was not paid for my review and these opinions are truly my own. 

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