Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Labor Day Weekend

What a weekend!  We had so much on our "to do" lists that did not get done...but overall our weekend was great.  


Saturday was daddy's work day. His big project was to paint a navy blue strip on Big Brother's lime green wall.  I needed to get the kids out of the house otherwise they would be his little "helpers".   Therefore, I took the kids to my parents' house.  I absolutely LOVE having my parents five minutes away.  It is truly a blessing! 

While we were there, I was able to snap this shot of my father and my son "taking a break" after a long day of hard work.  (Grandpa was truly working in the yard and big bro was tagging along.) 

I also got a great shot of baby sister smiling at Grandma. 

The boys were very excited to come home to see the room finished, but when we pulled the painter's tape off, we saw that they navy blue bled through in spots.  So...that means at least another weekend before we are able to get the boys moved in together and baby sister out of our room.  Oh well! 

Here is what it looks like...if you look closely you can see blotches of navy blue where there shouldn't be. 


After attending church, we were able to invite hubby's family over for a cook-out.  His brother has a little girl who is 5 months older than baby sister, so it is always fun!  We were able to spend several hours just hanging out and enjoying the beautiful fall-like weather. 

I love this picture that I took of our niece grabbing big brother's hair...too funny!


Today was "boys" day.  They loved having the entire day to spend with Daddy.  This is very unusual since he works six days a week.  They spent most of the day playing outside and rough housing with daddy.  By eight o'clock they were exhausted.  After a quick bath, a few books and songs, they were out! 

It was a perfect weekend with the ones I love the most!  

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