Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Be. Wines Review

Recently, I had the opportunity to sample a new line of wines call Be. Wines.  As a Bzz Agent, I was sent a fun bzz kit filled with all sorts of girly goodies (compact mirror, mints, nail file and lip gloss) along with a mail-in rebate to try the flavor(s) of my choice and a few other rebates to share with others.  

I love the concept of Be. Wines.  Be. Wines were created to match your "mood" or personality. First,  I took the Be. Wines quiz to find out what wine suited my personality.  I thought this was fun and very accurately placed my personality.  My match was the Be. Bright Pinot Grigio. I agree, when drinking wine I typically like a light flavor. 

However,  I decided that it would be fun to share a bottle of wine with my family at my sister's going away party, so I settled on the Be. Radiant Riesling.  I chose this because I felt that it fit my sister's personality best. Especially, since she was the guest of honor! 

So after dinner, the ladies in the family were able to relax and enjoy our glass of wine while the men watched the kids.  Everyone was pleased with the sweet, fruity flavor of the Riesling.  A few people were thought it was a bit too sweet for their taste, but most of us loved it and thought it would be a great substitute for dessert. 

Overall, we enjoyed the wine.  We all agreed that this line of wines would be great for a "Ladies Night Out!" 

Want to try the wine?  You can purchase it a Kroger and other retailers.  Visit BeWinery.com to find a location near you. 

More fun???

Take the quiz and find your flavor. 

1.  If you were an animal, you'd like be a:
     a. Dolphin
     b. Jungle Cat
     c. Golden Retriever
     d. Eagle

2. Your idea of the perfect evening is:
     a. An early evening hike, a stop by a farmer's market and a home cooked meal.
     b. An early dinner with your lastest crush...followed by dessert with an even newer crush.  (You're double booked.)
     c. Live Music and a beachside sunset.
     d. Dancing, dancing, and more dancing at the hottest new club with about a hundred of your best pals. 

3. There's a lull in conversation at a party, you're most likely to:
     a. Smile and enjoy the silence.
     b. Lull?  LOL!  No such thing if you're around...
     c. Compliment the person next to you on his or her hair, shirt or handbag.  (Even if you don't really mean it.)
     d. Burst into song

4.  Rough Day? Your fail-safe solution is;
     a. Light some candles, pour a glass of wine and slip into a bubble bath.
     b. Call your favorite friends, hit the town and flip the day into a frenzy of fabulous.
     c. Surprise someone with a random act of kindness.  Helping others always makes you feel better.
     d. Go for a run - at the mall. Engage in some heavy shop therapy.  

5.  You can never have to many:
     a. Surprises
     b. Kisses
     c.  Friends
     d. Jewels 

If you are not in the mood to choose, you can always try the full line.  but if you're looking to narrow things down, tally up your answers to find out which mood suits you.  If you answered more than one questions with: 

Choice A:
You're Getting Fresh
It's your admirable ability to bring a new spin or dash of inspiration to any situation that sets you apart from the crowd.  Your calm, cool and collected style is a perfect partner for Be. Fresh Chardonnay. 

Choice B:
You're Feeling Flirty
Those caught up in your wondrous whirlwind of flattering fun and playful charm would have to agree.  Your dazzling eyes and mesmerizing manner are a delightful treat when served up with Be. Flirty Pink Moscato. 

Choice C:
You Bring On The Bright Side
Your cheerful charisma and optimistic outlook leave others with no choice but to simply bask in your warm glow.  It's this illuminated aura that makes you the ideal carefree complement to Be. Bright Pinot Grigio. 

Choice D:
You've Revealed You're Radiant 
Superstars aren't made; they're born.  And you're one of the select few that simply sparkle.  This gleeful glimmer sets you at center stage for optimum excitement - much like the fervor 'round Be. Radiant Riesling.  

Note:  All opinions are truly my own.  I received a Bzz Kit as a Bzz Agent, but was not compensated for writing this post.

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