Thursday, July 5, 2012

Delicious Summer Eats with Private Selection

At the end of May my mail carrier showed up with my latest Bzz Kit for being a Bzz Agent.  I was super excited to see what was in it, and as always, I was not disappointed!

When I opened box I was greeted by my Private Selection Taste of Summer kit.  In it there was a bag of Sea Salt & Black Pepper Kettle Chips, and three FREE coupons for ice cream, pie and 1 lb of Angus Ground Beef.  In addition, I was given 5 20% off coupons for the items included which I was able to share with family and friends.   I was so excited that I immediately went to my favorite Kroger store and used my coupons to get my FREE Double Vanilla Ice Cream and FREE Cherry Pie, both made by the Private Selection Brand (which I quickly hid from this kids).   I tried to use my coupon for the ground beef, but they were completely sold out.

It didn't take long for the boys to convince me that we need to have our new bag of chips with our sandwich for lunch.   In fact, I let them munch on the chips while I made our sandwiches and Little Bro wanted to only eat the chips for lunch and not his sandwich.  I couldn't help but take a picture of him begging me for more with one handful of chips in his little hands. 

I will say that my taste buds were a little overwhelmed with the amount of pepper on these kettle chips, but I did like the taste of the chips.  The rest of the family agreed, that they were just okay.  Expect Little Bro, he was quite a fan.  We were happy though to finally have a unique flavored chip to have in the house.

I quickly made plans to invite Todd's brother & wife over to grill out and enjoy the rest of our goodies.  To my disappointment, I made three trips to Kroger to use my coupon for the Private Selection Ground Beef and came back each time empty handed.  This meat must be extremely popular.  I asked several managers if they carried it and each one said yes, but they were sold out.  I was quite bummed because I was REALLY wanting to try the ground beef out.  My dad raises his own cattle for beef and we get our ground beef from him.  I was really looking forward to comparing the taste!  So we will see if i can ever use the coupon...

In the meantime, my hubby and decided to make a little late night date/movie night and enjoyed the Private Cherry Pie and Vanilla Ice Cream.   We found that it tasted best when warmed in the microwave and topped with the ice cream.  I was really excited that we had just enough left over for the next night.  I thought it was delicious.   However, I don't think that they pie would be as delicious by itself.  My hubby is a much tougher food critic and only thought it was okay.  I admit, I am not quite sure I would pay full price for the pie.  If Kroger ever has a good sale on them, I will snatch one up!

What to find out the Bzz about new products coming out?  Become a Bzz Agent like me!

Note:   I was given all these items for Free as a Bzz Agent.  All my opinions are truly my own and I was not paid! 

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