Monday, August 22, 2011

A Surprise Visitor

My boys are great sleepers and tend to sleep until 8:30 or 9 in the morning.  Therefore, it is very difficult to get up and going before ten.  This morning was no different.  They boys got up around 9.  They played around for a little bit with the crayons and coloring books, and then we had breakfast as usual.

By this time, our sweet baby girl woke up from her morning nap and was ready to eat.  I am breastfeeding, so when she eats, the boys have total reign.  So as usual they start destroying the house. The tractors, fences, and animals are all over the floor.  My magazines that I had in a neat pile before the boys woke up are scattered everywhere. 

Then, Big brother decides he is ready to get dressed and goes up to his room to pick out his outfit.  Today, he decides that it is a good idea to wear jeans that are lined with flannel.  When he gets to the family room, I explain to him that he will not be able to go outside unless he changes his clothes.  So he drops his pants and starts running around the living room in his underwear.  Little brother, wanting to be like his big brother, pulls his shorts off and then his diaper and is running around naked.  Meanwhile, I am trying to feed the baby.  I am looking lovely myself in my oversized sweatpants and stained "wife beater" tank top (you know...the kind of outfit you don't even want your husband to see).

Then it happens, the door bell rings.  Sammy, our dog, starts barking like usual.  Thinking that it is only the UPS man who usually drops the package and leaves, I yell at him to stop.  Then, Andrew lifts the blinds and yells, "It's my teacher!".  Now, I have no choice but to answer the door.  Yep, here I am dressed like a bum, one son in underwear, one son naked, a screaming baby, and a filthy dirty house.  Thank goodness his "teacher" (his Sunday school teacher from last year) is also my cousin.  Nevertheless, I was mortified! 

Lesson learned:  Always be ready for a surprise visitor!  I spent the rest of the day cleaning.  :-)

Want a sneak peak of the mess?  Check it out...

 This is only a little glimpse of the house...I would be CRAZY to show you the rest! 

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