Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thankful Thursday

As a mother of a two year old who is defining the term "terrible twos", I am realizing that I need to take time to count my blessings.  I would encourage you to take time once a week and reflect on the great things in your life, because no matter what is going wrong, there is always something to be thankful for.

Today I am Thankful

...that I am able to stay home with my children while all my teacher friends go back to work. 

...that I have best friends that I can call when I am stressed out and need a laugh and they are always there.

...for a mother who lives five minutes away.

...for new wireless internet.  Now I can hook up my wireless printer to print coupons from the couch.  Woo hoo!

...for caffeine and chocolate. 

...for two active boys.  No matter how much trouble they get into, they always find a way to make me smile.

...for an awesome baby!  She sleeps, she eats, she poops,  and she smiles & coos at mommy.  She is perfect! 

...for my in-laws who are always willing to drop everything to watch the kids when we need them. 

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