Thursday, August 25, 2011

Windmills Saved the Day!

Big bro has this thing were he loves to do things for me and say, "I saved the day Mommy!"  Not sure where he got it, but it is incredibly cute.  So the other day, the windmill farm a couple of miles from our house "saved the day".

This week has been trying.  Little bro is wanting to give up his nap, while mommy is not ready for him to do it quite yet.  I will try to put him in his crib for naptime and he will scream bloody murder until I get him back out.  He definitely still needs a nap.  If he doesn't nap, he is a bear the rest of the afternoon.

Monday afternoon was a difficult afternoon, and I felt we needed to get out of the house or we all were going to go crazy.  Big brother has a unique obsession with windmills, so I decided that we would go for a drive to see the monstrous objects up close.  I piled the kids in the car and we were on our way.  As we were driving, I explained to Aaron that we were going to go see the windmills...and I heard quietly from the back seat..."I love you Mommy" for the 1st time!  No matter how impatient I am with this beautiful child he still loves me!  The windmills not only saved my sanity, but they saved my day!  Thank you God for the small stuff! 

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